2018 Summer Rentals

Thank you for inquiring about summer rentals for Summer 2018!  We look forward to finding you a great vacation home for your next stay with us.  To simplify the process we’ve listed our rental procedures below:

  • January to March 2nd
    • New Guests: Starting on January 1st, we open a waiting list on our website for 2018 rental properties.  During this time, we give last year’s tenants the option to renew their rental before opening up our availability list.  As we learn of new availabilities, we will e-mail them to you based on your preferences. The earlier you get on the list, the more that will be offered to you.  We do not know our complete availability for the summer until the renewal deadline of March 2nd.  But if we had vacancies the previous year or have new properties, we offer these out to the waiting list.  We do not show cottages before March 3rd, but we try to keep our pictures as accurate as possible so you can book with confidence.  Also, please be aware that some of the best openings may not become available during the waiting list period.  Oceanfront and Island Section properties in particular are usually booked throughout the previous summer, so we may not know openings at these properties until after the renewal deadline.
    • Returning Guests: Sometime in January or February, you will receive a postcard in the mail inviting you to renew the same property for the same week.  Please keep your address current with us so we make sure you receive it. If you are not returning, we do appreciate if you notify us by either sending back the postcard, calling or e-mailing us.  That way we can help other guests find openings.
      • If you would like to change your property or week, please notify us via e-mail. This way we have a written request from you.  We do our best to accommodate changes for returning guests, but since everyone else also has the option to renew their week, we don’t always know what weeks will ultimately be open.
  • March 3rd
    • The first Saturday in March each year is when we open up all of our available weeks to new tenants and begin showing cottages.  This is the best time to book because it is the day we have the most availabilities of the year. We also host a cookout at our office with all of our rental agents on duty to help you find the perfect rental for your family.  You’ll be given as many options as you’d like and you can view the cottages in person and book them in person on this day.
  • After March 3rd
    • After March 3rd, we are in full rental season. Call, e-mail or come in any day of the week for our full availability.  We show most cottages daily with no need for an appointment.  Just walk right in and we’ll be able to assist you.  If you prefer to book online, you can fill out our rental request form and we will send you a list of available cottages for the week you request.


If you have any questions about the rental process, please feel free to contact us.  Due to the large amount of inquires we receive in February and March, we do recommend inquiring via e-mail so that we have a running chain of our correspondence and we are better able to match you with the right property.